Handcrafted | Details | Since 1999

   In a world where working with your hands is going out of style Custom Wood keeps the tradition of handcrafting each and every cabinet.

It begins by selecting only the finest northern hardwoods to construct the frames, doors, and drawers of your cabinets.

Each cabinet is assembled by hand using glue and screws to fasten each piece together. This will ensure that your cabinet will be durable as they are beautiful.

Professional-grade stains and conversion varnishes are applied to highlight the natural characteristics and beauty of the wood. These topcoats resist yellowing and protect the wood.

Dovetail drawer boxes come standard at Custom Wood. We apply the same high-quality finish to the drawer box as we do the rest of the kitchen.

The drawers in your kitchen get used day in and day out. Our drawer slides come from the best name in the industry, fully concealed, equipped with soft, and self-close. You will feel the magic every time you touch a drawer for years to come.

Concealed hinges are another standard here at Custom Wood. Top-quality hinges ensure your door opens and closes smoothly and quietly.